Zoning Changes 22 January 2016

01/02/2016 4:25 am
This post was prepared by Matthew Player, Blockbrief Founder

Below is a selection of some of the most significant rezonings  around Australia adopted in week end 22 January 2016.


Bankstown: North West Local Area Amendment Yields 2363 Dwellings and 6000 Jobs

Bankstown Local Environmental Plan 2015 (Amendment No 3) (Adopted)

This amendment provides the framework to achieve integrated social and economic renewal of the North West Local Area as outlined in the Local Area Plan and Residential Development Study and Employment Lands Development Study.

Border Park Raceway Commercial Uses Project To Yield 220 Jobs

Tweed Local Environmental Plan 2014 (Amendment No 12) (Adopted)

The amendments zones an 11 ha site at Border Park Raceway Tweed Heads from RE2 Private Recreation to B7 Business Park.

Wollongong Rezoning Adopted

Wollongong Local Environmental Plan 2009 (Amendment No 28) (Adopted)

The amendment rezones land from RU2 Rural Landscape to E4 Environmental Living and E2 Environmental Conservation Zone.


Yarra Ranges Rezoning Proposal To Allow For Sale of Council Owned Site

Yarra Ranges Planning Scheme Amendment C153 (Draft)

The sale of Council owned property will have a positive economic benefit in divesting Council of property no longer needed for Council purposes.

Mornington Peninsula Mixed Housekeeping Proposal To Rezone Over 43ha

Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme Amendment C191 (Draft)

The housekeeping proposal and rezoning will is required to enable a number of sites to be subdivided and to rectify a number of zoning anomalies.

Diverse Rezoning Proposal To Implement The Drouin Structure Plan

Baw Baw Planning Scheme Amendment C089 (Draft)

The proposed amendment is expected to generate positive social benefits for the Baw Baw Shire through the provision of additional commercial supply Yarragon and a range of residential densities.


For full details of these amendments and the other rezonings adopted this week, including address information and anticipated yield. Contact CoreLogic to request more information about a Blockbrief membership.