Zoning Alerts – May 2013

Blockbrief’s monthly zoning alerts tracks zoning changes in Victoria and NSW. In April 21 Councils across Victoria rezoned land, while 8 Councils across NSW rezoned land.



Local Environmental Plans 

In NSW, Local Environmental Plans (LEPs) guide planning decisions for local government areas. Through zoning and development controls, they allow councils and other consent authorities to manage the ways in which land is used. LEPs are the primary planning tools that shape the future of communities.

In May, 1 council across the State enacted a new LEP and as a result new zonings. 7 councils across the State amended their LEPs which affected zonings.

Sutherland Sutherland Shire LEP 2006 Amendment No 17 Amendment No 17 to Sutherland Shire LEP 2006 - Planning Proposal to rezone two parcels of land.
North Sydney North Sydney LEP 2001 Amendment No 50 Parraween Street Car Park and Early Childhood Health Centre, Cremorne (rezoning and additional uses) - Amendment 50.
North Sydney North Sydney LEP 2001 Amendment No 54 The proposal seeks to amend North Sydney LEP 2001 in relation to land at Pacific Highway, St Leonards, to increase the building height from 26 metres to 50 metres and introduce a maximum overall floor space ratio control of 6.6:1.
Liverpool Liverpool LEP 2001 Amendment No 50 The Planning Proposal is to rezone land at  Airfield Drive, Len Waters Estate, Cecil Park, to permit a home improvement centre.
Fairfield Fairfield LEP 2013 New LEP - accommodates for additional dwelling growth
Auburn Auburn LEP 2010 Amendment No 7 Rezoning of land at Jenkins Street and Park Road, Regents Park from R2 to IN2
Urana Urana LEP 2011 Amend Urana LEP 2011 - Permit 'Storage Premises' in R5 Zone (Amendment No 2)
Port Stephens Port Stephens LEP 2010 Amendment No 1 Title    Amendment to Port Stephens Local Environmental Plan (Kings Hill, North Raymond Terrace) 2010 - land uses in E2 Environmental Conservation zone
Lake Macquarie Lake Macquarie LEP 2004 (Amendment No 61) Rezone 160ha of land at Wyee from rural and conservation zones to permit residential development and conservation. The rezoning is expected to yield 1400 dwellings.
Mid-Western Regional Mid-Western Regional LEP 2012 (Amendment No 4) Saleyards Lane, Mudgee residential release Summary    Rezone land from Investigation to Residential.
Mid-Western Regional Mid-Western Regional LEP 2012 (Amendment No 5) Change of lot size for Black Springs Road Mudgee Summary. Proposal to allow the subdivision of the land into two lots to allow a dwelling on each lot.



Planning Scheme

In Victoria, a planning scheme is a legal instrument that sets out the provisions for land use and development. Victoria has 81 planning scheme areas and therefore has 81 planning schemes. Planning schemes are amended on a regular basis. A planning scheme amendment may involve a change to a planning scheme, which often includes rezonings.

Amendments can be:

  • C amendments (changes to council planning schemes only)
  • VC amendments (changes to VPP and council planning schemes)
  • V amendments (changes to VPP only).
In May, 21 councils across the State amended their planning schemes which affected zonings.
Victoria Zoning Changes - Planning Scheme Amendments | MAY 2013
Baw Baw Baw Baw C99 Rezones site in Kelliher Road, Neerim South to a Low Density Residential Zone to correct a mapping error; rezones cemeteries to the Public Use Zone (PUZ) 5 Cemeteries; rezones preschools to PUZ 3 Health and Community; and rezones kindergartens and primary schools to PUZ 2 Education.
Hume Hume C137
  • Rezones site at Emu Parade, Jacana to a Residential 1 Zone and introduces an Environmental Audit Overlay to the site.
Hume Hume C167 Implements the Northern Growth Corridor Plan by amending the schedule to the Comprehensive Development Zone to divide the area into two precincts and  updates the schedule to Clause 81.01 to reflect the revised Merrifield  Comprehensive Development Plan, June 2012.
Knox Knox C127 Rezones sites at Dorset Road, Boronia to a Residential 1 Zone.
South Gippsland South Gippsland C50 Rezones sites at Fish Creek-Foster Road and Foster-Promontory Road, Foster to a Rural Living Zone and removes the Environmental Significance Overlay Schedule 5 from the land.
Bayside Bayside C102 Gives effect to the final structure plan for the Church Street Major Activity Centre
Geelong Greater Geelong C223 Introduces and applies the Activity Centre Zone and Schedule 1 to Central Geelong
Hobsons Bays Hobsons Bay C77 Rezones site at Millers Road, Altona North to a Business 3 Zone and applies an Environmental Audit Overlay and Design and Development Overlay Schedule 13.
Mitchell Mitchell C79 Implements a number of recommended actions in the Kilmore Strategy Plan, June 2008 by rezoning and applying overlays to various parcels of land in Kilmore to guide future development of the township and environs.
Whittlesea Whittlesea C146 Rezones a site at McDonalds Road, South Morang from Business 3 Zone to Residential 1 Zone and removes Development Plan Overlay (Schedule 7) covering the land.
Shepparton Greater Shepparton C160 Updates the Mooroopna West Growth Corridor Structure Plan, Development Contributions Plan and Schedule 3 to the Development Contributions Plan Overlay, rezones land in the growth corridor to Residential 1 Zone, applies the Land Subject to Inundation Overlay and corrects the application of the Public Acquisition Overlay over a range of properties.
West Wimmera West Wimmera C29 Rezones land fronting Moore Street, Kaniva to a Township Zone and issues a permit to subdivide land to facilitate the development of the Kaniva Industrial Estate
Whitehorese Whitehorse C143 Introduces and applies Design and Development Overlay Schedule 8, references the 'MegaMile (west) and Blackburn Activity Centres Urban Design Framework', rezones parcels of land to Business 2 Zone and consolidates  Clauses 22.09 and 22.10 to provide for future development in the Blackburn Neighbourhood Activity Centre and the MegaMile (west) Major Activity Centre.
Yarra Yarra C171 Rezones sites at Bromham Place, part of Bromham Place and  Belgium Avenue, Richmond to a Residential 1
Glen Eira Glen Eira C78 Rezones a site at Warrigal Road, Bentleigh East to a Business 1 Zone to allow a broader range of uses on the site.
Glen Eira Glen Eira C100 Part 1 Rezones site at Neerim Road, Murrumbeena to a Mixed Use Zone and applies an Environmental Audit Overlay to the land.
Geelong Greater Geelong C253 Rezones sites at Princes Highway, Norlane to a Business 4 Zone and deletes Design and Development Overlay Schedule 20 from the land.
Horsham Horsham C55 Corrects zoning and ordinance anomalies by rezoning 3912 Henty Highway, Mackenzie Creek to a Special Use Zone, Schedule 6, removing reference to the Horsham Aerodrome from the Schedule to the Farming Zone, rezoning land in, and to the north of, Mardon Drive, Horsham to align zone and title boundaries and land north of Nurrabiel Church Road to reflect public and private ownership.
Strathbogie Strathbogie C28 Part 2 Rezones the site at Lovers Hill to a Rural Living Zone with Schedule and applies a Development Plan Overlay Schedule 2 and a Vegetation Protection Overlay Schedule 1.
Benalla Benalla C27 Rezones land generally bound by Maginness Street, Hannah Street and Railway Place, Benalla to a Mixed Use Zone and applies the Environmental Audit Overlay.
Cardinia Cardinia C115 Rezones Lot 1 Beaconsfield-Emerald Road, Upper Beaconsfield to a Residential 1 Zone, removes the Environmental Significance Overlay (Schedule 1), applies the Design and Development Overlay (Schedule 2) and Vegetation Protection Overlay (Schedule 2) and applies the Road Closure Overlay to part of John William Drive to allow the land to be subdivided and developed for residential purposes.
Monash Monash C93 Rezones land along the west side of Warrigal Road to a Business 2 Zone, amends Clause 21.06 to reference the Oakleigh Activity Centre Structure Plan, introduces Clause 21.15 and Design and Development Overlay Schedule 11 and makes other consequential changes to give effect to the Oakleigh Major Activity Centre Structure Plan.
Whittlesea Whittlesea C169 Rezones part of 730 Bridge Inn Road, Doreen to a Residential 1 Zone and introduces and applies Development Plan Overlay (Schedule 28) to the land.
Wyndham Wyndham C164 Rezones the site at Sayers Road, Williams Landing to a Business 1 Zone and amends the Schedule to the Business 1 Zone to include the land as having a maximum leasable floor area for Shop of 1,000m, and applies a Design and Development Overlay - Schedule 8.
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