Zoning Alerts – March 2013

07/04/2013 9:25 pm

Blockbrief's monthly zoning alerts tracks zoning changes in NSW, Victoria and now the ACT. In March, 16 councils in NSW rezoned land, while 19 councils across Victoria rezoned land and the ACT rezoned land in 2 localities.






Local Environmental Plans 

In NSW, Local Environmental Plans (LEPs) guide planning decisions for local government areas. Through zoning and development controls, they allow councils and other consent authorities to manage the ways in which land is used. LEPs are the primary planning tools that shape the future of communities.

Principal LEP

An LEP applies to a particular area, generally the whole or part of  a Local Government Area (LGA). An LEP that applies to an enitre LGA is referred to as the principal LEP. Principal LEPs review an LGA's current zonings and controls. It is the result of LGA wide strategic planning. In March, 1 council across the State enacted a new LEP and as a result new zonings.

Principal LEP’s

Strathfield Local Environmental Plan 2012 The LEP affects all land in Strathfield



Amending LEP

An LEP being made to amend a principal LEP is referred to as an amending LEP. In March, 15 councils across the State amended their LEPs which affected zonings.

Amending LEP’s

Ballina Local Environmental Plan 2012 (Amendment No 1) The proposal is to rezone the subject land from an urban investigation zone to a part residential zone and a part recreational zone
Blue Mountains Local Environmental Plan 2005 (Amendment No 25) To reclassify three Council owned and managed sites in Katoomba from ‘community land’ to ‘operational land
 Blue Mountains LEP 2005 (Amendment No 26) To amend Blue Mountains LEP 2005 to facilitate various housekeeping amendments including rezoning
Gosford Local Environmental Plan No 479 Amendment to Gosford Interim Development Order No. 122 to enable short term tourist accommodation at Lot 165 DP 755253 known as ‘The Springs’ Golf course
Lake Macquarie Local Environmental Plan 2004 (Amendment No 65) Permits seniors housing on part of the site, being Belmont Sportsman’s Club, and correct a zoning anomaly
North Sydney Local Environmental Plan (Amendment No 51) Includes a site specific provision enabling a ‘car park’ as an additional permitted use on land at 34 McLaren St, North Sydney, known as St Thomas’ Anglican Church
State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) Amendment (Schofields Precinct) 2013 The amendment changes the density requirements for a small area of residential zoned land within the Schofields Precinct, located south of the proposed Schofields Road and west of Schofields Station
Young Local Environmental Plan 2010 (Amendment No 5) -Rezone land owned by the Burrangong Picnic Race Club from RU4 Primary Production Small Lots to RE2 Private Recreation to reflect the current use of the site- Rezone land around the Young STP to accommodate proposed expansion of the STP and rezone surplus land from SP2 to RE1 Public Recreation for use for sporting purposes- Allow caravan parks in the RU5 Village Zone
Camden Local Environmental Plan 2010 (Amendment No 7) The amendment introduces mapped areas identifying land where Sex Services Premises are permissible with Council’s consent
Kempsey Local Environmental Plan 1987 (Amendment No 115) Rezones part of Lot 82 DP 263591, Riverview Place (New Entrance Road), South West Rocks, to allow for residential development
Mid-Western Regional Local Environmental Plan 2012 (Amendment No 3) Rezones land from part agriculture zone and part investigation zone to residential
Nambucca Local Environmental Plan 2010 (Amendment No 12) Introduces a new clause to enable the subdivision of land in rural areas to create lots less than the minimum lot size shown on the Lot Size Map, to meet the needs of permissible land uses other than dwelling houses or dual occupancies
Auburn Local Environmental Plan 2010 (Amendment No 5) Rezones 33-43 Cumberland Road, Auburn from RE1 (Public Recreation) to R2 Low Density Residential
Camden Local Environmental Plan 2010 (Amendment No 3) Rezones the site El Caballo Blanco and Gledswood sites from 7(d) Environmental Protection (Scenic) to R1 General Residential, R2 Low Density Residential, R5 Large Lot Residential, RE2 Private Recreation, RU2 Rural Landscape and SP3 Private Recreation
Clarence Valley Local Environmental Plan 2011 (Amendment No 5) Rezone part of the Centenary Drive Car Park, Maclean, from SP2 Infrastructure to B2 Local Centre in order to facilitate the development of a supermarket on the site
Lake Macquarie Local Environmental Plan 2004 (Amendment No 63) Reclassifies land at Cardiff and Glendale from Community to Operational land
Maitland Local Environmental Plan 2011 (Amendment No 2) To rezone 3.28 hectares of land fronting the New England Highway at Rutherford from R1 General Residential to B6 Enterprise Corridor to facilitate business related activities
Warringah Local Environmental Plan 2011 (Amendment No 1) Rezoning of land at 638 Pittwater Road, Brookvale from a split zoning comprising of part IN1 General Industrial and part B5 Business Development to a B5 Business Development zone over the entire site and permit additional uses including office and retail premises and shop top housing on the site
Yarrowlumla Local Environmental Plan 2002 (Amendment No 11) Rezone Lot 1 DP790570, Ryrie Street Michelago from 1(a)(General Rural Zone) to 2(v)(Village zone) to all for residential development



Planning Scheme

In Victoria, a planning scheme is a legal instrument that sets out the provisions for land use and development. Victoria has 81 planning scheme areas and therefore has 81 planning schemes. Planning schemes are amended on a regular basis. A planning scheme amendment may involve a change to a planning scheme, which often includes rezonings.

Amendments can be:

  • C amendments (changes to council planning schemes only)
  • VC amendments (changes to VPP and council planning schemes)
  • V amendments (changes to VPP only).
In March, 19 councils across the State amended their planning schemes which affected zonings.
Planning Scheme C Amendments
Casey C133 -Implements the Botanic Ridge Precinct Structure Plan.-Introduces Urban Growth Zone Schedule 4.-Rezones 41 Craig Road and 18 Sherwood Road, Junction Village from Urban Growth Zone to Residential 1 Zone.
East Gippsland C109 The amendment introduces a site specific control for land at 26 Phillips Lane, Bairnsdale
Greater Geelong C186 Rezones 29-31 Reynolds Road, Highton to a Mixed Use Zone and applies a Schedule to the Design and Development Overlay.
Manningham C66 Rezones 2 Old Yarra Road and part of 4-6 Old Yarra Road, Wonga Park to Public Use Zone 7
Maribyrnong C70 -Rezones 4 Cross Street, Footscray from B3Z to R1Z.-Rezones Council owned laneway east of 4 Cross St from B3Z to Special Use Zone 1
Stonnington C164 Corrects anomalies by rezoning the corner of Carroll Crescent and Burke Road, Glen Iris to a Road Zone Category 1
Greater Geelong C240 The amendment facilitates the future development of the Armstrong Creek West Precinct
Ararat C28 Corrects a technical oversight by introducing Clause 32.03 Low Density Residential Zone and its associated schedule.
Bayside C90 Part 1 Rezones land from Business 2 Zone to Business 1 Zone and Mixed Use Zone.
Gannawarra C32 Rezones 44 Murray Parade, Koondrook and half the adjacent Vine Street road reserve to a Residential 1 Zone
Greater Bendigo C166 Part 2 Rezones part of 401-405 High Street, part of 35 Bay Street and part of the Bay Street Road reserve, Golden Square to a Residential 1 Zone.
Kingston C117 Introduces and applies Schedule 1 to the Activity Centre Zone to the Cheltenham Activity Centre
Knox C101 Introduces and applies the Priority Development Zone Schedule 1 to two precincts within the Knox Central Principal Activity Centre
Murrindindi C32 Applies zones and overlays to land at Flowerdale introduced into Murrindindi Shire
Whitehorse C148 Rezones 612 Middleborough Road and 2-4 Joseph Street, Blackburn North to a Residential 1 zone
Wodonga C82 Part 1 Rezones land at Martins Road and Kinchington Road, Leneva to a Residential 1 zone and part Lot 2 PS420756 to a Rural Conservation zone
Baw Baw C96 Rezones part of Lot 1 and all of Lot 2 PS639483N, Hazel Drive, Warragul to Special Use Zone 5 – Warragul East Bulky Goods Precinct
Buloke C26 Rezones 4 Learmonth Street, Charlton to a Public Use Zone 3 (Health & Community)
Hepburn C55 Rezones 2 Jory Street, Creswick to a Residential 1 Zone
Hepburn C57 Rezones 146 Daylesford – Trentham Road, Daylesford to a Public Use zone 5 (Cemetery/Crematorium)
Knox C110 Makes a number of zoning changes to correct mapping anomalies
Maribyrnong C89 Rezones 129-155 Francis Street, Yarraville to part Residential 1 Zone and part Public Park and Recreation Zone



Territory Plan

In the ACT, the Territory Plan is the key statutory planning document, providing the policy framework for administration of planning in the ACT. The purpose of the Territory Plan is to manage land use change and development. The Territory Plan includes a statement of strategic directions, a map (the Territory Plan Map) which sets out zones and precincts in the ACt, objectives and development tables applying to each zone. It also include structure plans and concept plans for the development of future urban areas.

The Territory Plan can be varied, subject to it being consistent with the National Capital Plan. Complex changes or changes that require policy changes are made via full variations to the Territory Plan. Technical changes to the Territory Plan are made by technical amendments.

In March,  the ACT Government rezoned land in 2 localities across the territory. Making technical amendments to the Territory Plan which affected zonings.


Planning and Development (Technical Amendment – Jacka) Plan Variation 2013 – No 2013-2013-05 The Territory Plan map is proposed to be varied to identify the zones that apply to land ceasing to be in a future urban area
Planning and Development (Technical Amendment – Griffith) Plan Variation 2013 (No 1) Changes to zone and overlay boundaries within section 78 block 50 and 51
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