Zoning Alerts – June 2013

09/07/2013 7:11 pm

Blockbrief’s monthly zoning alerts tracks zoning changes in Victoria and NSW. In June 13 Councils across NSW rezoned land, while 6 Councils across Victoria rezoned land.



Local Environmental Plans 

In NSW, Local Environmental Plans (LEPs) guide planning decisions for local government areas. Through zoning and development controls, they allow councils and other consent authorities to manage the ways in which land is used. LEPs are the primary planning tools that shape the future of communities.

In June, 2 councils across the State enacted a new LEP and as a result new zonings. 11 councils across the State amended their LEPs which affected zonings.

Balyney Blayney Local Environmental Plan 2012 (Amendment No 2) Rezones land at Charles Street, Blayney from R1 General Residential to B2 Local Centre 
Nambucca Nambucca Local Environmental Plan 2010 (Amendment No 11) Reclassify Lots at Rodeo Drive, Bowraville from community to operational pursuant to section 25 of the Local Government Act 1993. The land is part of the Bowraville Racecourse and contains the clubhouse and racetrack starting area. Council has resolved to sell the land to the Nambucca River Jockey Club and therefore the reclassification to "operational" land is necessary. 
North Sydney North Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2001 (Amendment No 52) Amends North Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2001 in relation to land bound by Falcon, Alexander and Burlington Streets and Willoughby Lane, Crows Nest, by rezoning the land from Mixed Use to Commercial. 
Shoalhaven Shoalhaven Local Environmental Plan 1985 (Amendment No 241) Amendment to either the Shoalhaven LEP 1985 or the draft Shoalhaven LEP 2009, whichever is notified at the time, to enable the permissibility of a single dwelling house on six discrete lots, which currently have no dwelling entitlement and which are located within an established rural residential area.
Wollongong Wollongong Local Environmental 2009 (Amendment No 13) Amend Schedule 1 of the Wollongong LEP 2009 to allow development for the purposes of a clay target range and club house (being a Recreation facility (outdoor)) subject to development consent on Lot 1 DP 618764 Bong Bong Road Huntley.
Woollahra Woollahra Local Environmental Plan 1995 (Amendment No. 71) Rezone Cooper Park Road, Bellevue Hill to rezone the land from open space to medium density residential, reclassify the land from community to Operational and apply a FSR of 0.625:1 and height of 9.5m
Botany Botany Bay Local Environmental Plan 2013 City wide Comprehensive LEP change 
Camden Camden Local Environmental Plan 2010 (Amendment No 13) Rezoning of Landturn 'Triangle' Site at Narellan. To rezone the Landturn 'Triangle' Site at Camden Valley Way, Narellan, to enable expansion of the Narellan Town Shopping Centre. 
Lake Macquarie Lake Macquarie Local Environmental Plan 2004 (Amendment No 13) Amend the Lake Macquarie LEP 2004 (LM LEP 2004) by:  1. Removing Lake Macquarie City Council's public land acquisition obligation under clause 55 (Acquisition of land required for community purposes) from Lot 11 DP 855023; and 2. Rezoning part of Lot 11 DP 855023 from Zone 6(1) Open Space Zone to Zone 6(2) Tourism and Recreation Zone under LM LEP 2004.
Penrith Penrith Local Environmental Plan 2010 (Amendment No 2) Penrith Panthers redevelopment Rezoning of 50 ha Panthers site on Mulgoa Road Penrith to continue existing entertainment and residential uses but also allow additional new land uses for retail and commercial development.
Liverpool Liverpool Local Environmental Plan 2008 (Amendment No 29) Amendment to a site at Hoxton Park Road, Prestons to rezone the site from IN2 Light Industrial and IN3 Heavy Industrial Zones under Liverpool Local Environmental Plan 2008 to B6 Enterprise Corridor Zone to allow for a development for the purpose of a vehicle sales and hire complex with warehousing of goods, service department and pre-delivery area and a 1600sqm administration building to house local and national offices of Automotive Holdings Group.
Narrandera Narrandera Local Environmental Plan 2013 City wide Comprehensive LEP change
Port Macquarie Port Macquarie-Hastings Local Environmental Plan 2011 (Amendment No 16) Housekeeping amendment, which includes zoning changes.



Planning Scheme

In Victoria, a planning scheme is a legal instrument that sets out the provisions for land use and development. Victoria has 81 planning scheme areas and therefore has 81 planning schemes. Planning schemes are amended on a regular basis. A planning scheme amendment may involve a change to a planning scheme, which often includes rezonings.

Amendments can be:

  • C amendments (changes to council planning schemes only)
  • VC amendments (changes to VPP and council planning schemes)
  • V amendments (changes to VPP only).
In June, 6 councils across the State amended their planning schemes which affected zonings.
Ararat Ararat C17 Rezones parts of Grampians Road in Bornes Hill and Mafeking and part of Victoria Valley Road, Mafeking to Road Zone Category 1 and rezones land in Bornes Hill to Public Conservation and Resource Zone. 
Bendigo Greater Bendigo C145 Rezones land in Patas and Golf Links Roads, Maiden Gully to a Special Use Zone, Schedule 1 (Private Educational or Religious Institutions) and applies the Bushfire Management Overlay to part of the land. 
Cardinia Cardinia C176 Introduces Schedule 7 to the Special Use Zone and rezones 910-940 Koo Wee Rup Road, Pakenham to a Special Use Zone - Schedule 7 to allow expansion of a beef processing facility and integrated supply chain. 
Melbourne Melbourne C171 Implements the Southbank Structure Plan 2010: rezones land in Southbank and land west of Dodds Street to the Capital City Zone Schedule 3 and land east of Dodds Street to the Mixed Use Zone.
Stonnington Stonnington C77 Applies new planning controls to the Toorak Village Activity Centre by introducing Toorak Village Activity Centre Policy and Schedule 9 to the Design and Development Overlay, makes minor related changes the Local Planning Policy Framework and rezones land to the south of Toorak Road to a Business 2 Zone and land at Jackson Street, Toorak to a Business 1 Zone.
Ballarat Ballarat C166 Rezones land in the Ballarat West Employment Zone to introduce and apply Special Use Zone Schedule 14 and Development Plan Overlay Schedule 10.
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