Zoning Alerts – July 2013

19/08/2013 7:25 pm

Blockbrief’s monthly zoning alerts tracks zoning changes across Australia. In July 10 Councils across Victoria rezoned land, 6 councils in New South Wales followed suit, 6 councils in Western Australia, 3 councils in Queensland, 3 councils in Tasmania, 1 council in South Australia and the Northern Territory made 2 amendments that resulted in zoning changes.






In July, 6 councils across the State enacted a new LEP or amended existing LEPs and as a result new zonings.

Gosford Gosford Local Environmental Plan No. 482  Niagara Park - To rezone part of the site from 5(a) Special Uses (Multi Purpose Recreational Facility) to 3(a) Business General to enable an existing building to be used for retail, commercial and business purposes. 
Port Stephens  Port Stephens Local Environmental Plan 2000 (Amendment No. 38)  Boundary Road Medowie - To rezone the site area of 127 hectares from 1(c1) Rural Small Holdings Zone to; 1(c5) Rural Small Holdings Zone, 1(c4) Rural Small Holdings Zone and 7(a) Environmental Protection Zone to facilitate 300 large lot residential allotments and 73 hectares of environmental conservation. 
The Hills The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2012 (Amendment No. 1) Rezones and reclassifies the Hill Road Reserve at West Pennant Hills to facilitate low-density residential development.
Walgett Walgett Local Environmental Plan 2013 City wide Comprehensive LEP change
Gloucester Gloucester Local Environmental Plan 2010 (Amendment No 2) Makes a series of updates to the LEP, including rezonings.
Young Young Local Environmental Plan 2010 (Amendment No 6) Rezones land owned by the Burrangong Picnic Race Club from RU4 Primary Production Small Lots to RE2 Private Recreation to reflect the current use of the site;  - rezones land around the Young Sewage Treatment Plan (STP) to accommodate the proposed expansion of the STP and rezones surplus land from SP2 to RE1 Public Recreation for use for sporting purpose.
Canada Bay Canada Bay Local Environmental Plan 2013 City wide Comprehensive LEP change



Planning Scheme

In July, 10 councils across the State amended their planning schemes which affected zonings.
Baw Baw  Baw Baw C88  Rezones a site at Drouin to a Residential 1 Zone. 
Bayside  Bayside C101  Gives effect to the structure plan for the Bay Street Major Activity Centre, rezones part of the western end of Bay Street to a Mixed Use Zone. 
Bayside  Bayside C103  Gives effect to the structure plan for the Hampton Street Major Activity Centre: rezones land in Hampton and Small Streets and Railway Crescent to Business 1 and Business 5 Zones.
East Gippsland East Gippsland C67 Rezones a site at Maurice Avenue, Mallacoota to a Business 1 Zone.
East Gippsland East Gippsland C106 Rezones sites at Day Avenue and Creek Street, Omeo to a Business 1 Zone and 2a site at Day Avenue, Omeo to a Public Park and Recreation Zone.
Hume Hume C178 Rezones and realigns the Residential 1 Zone, Public Park and Recreation Zone at a site at Ripplebrook Drive, Broadmeadows.
Moira Moira C71 Rezones three parcels of land on the Murray Valley Highway to Business 4 Zone and Council-owned parcels and reserves to Public Use Zone.
Nillumbik Nillumbik C82 Makes a series of updates to the planning scheme maps and provisions, including rezonings.
Yarra Yarra C200 The amendment facilitates the use and development of a site at Alphington, which is recognised in the Planning Scheme as a key strategic redevelopment site where redevelopment is encouraged.
Ararat Ararat C20 Rezones a site at Church Road, Pomonal to a Rural Living Zone.
Boroondara Boroondara C176  Rezones the land at Warburton Road, East Camberwell to a Residential 1 Zone, consistent with the adjacent land.
Whittlesea Whittlesea C147 Rezones land located within the Bridge Inn Road road reserve immediately north of 370 and 400 Bridge Inn Road, Mernda to a Residential 1 Zone.

Northern Territory

Planning Scheme

In July, The Territory Government made 2 amendments to their planning scheme which affected zonings.
Palmerston  Amendment No. 295  Rezones part Lot 10974 Town of Palmerston from Zone FD (Future Development) to Zones SD (Single Dwelling Residential), MD (Multiple Dwelling Residential), CP (Community Purpose) and PS (Public Open Space). 
Litchfield  Amendment No. 297  Rezones 345 Thomas Road, Humpty Doo from Zone R (Rural) to Zone RL (Rural Living) 


Planning Scheme

In July, 3 councils across the State adopted and amended their planning schemes which affected zonings.
Gympie  Gympie Regional Council New Planning Scheme  The Gympie Regional Council has a new planning scheme. 
Ipswich  Ipswich Planning Scheme Planning Scheme Amendment Package 03/2013  Citywide amendment. The first new Ipswich Planning Scheme in close to a decade will shape the future development of the city. 
Wujal Wujal Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council Adoption of the Planning Scheme The community of Wujal Wujal, north of Port Douglas, has become the first Indigenous community in Queensland to adopt a Local Government Planning Scheme.


Planning Scheme

In July, 3 councils across the State amended their planning schemes which affected zonings.
Brighton  Brighton 2000 Amendment RZ 2012/02  Rezones land at Taylor Crescent, Bridgewater from Recreation to Residential. The permit provides for a 32 lot residential subdivision. 
Sorell Sorell Planning Scheme 1993 Amendment 1/2012 Rezones land at Penna Road, Midway Point from Community Purpose to Residential Serviced.
Launceston Launceston Interim 2012 Amendment D1/2012 Sets aside the provisions of the Particular Purpose Zone 1 Techno Park and the Open Space Zone,and applies the provisions of the Low Density Residential Zone to land at 163 Poplar Parade, Kings Meadows.

Western Australia

Planning Scheme

In July, 6 councils across the State amended their planning schemes which affected zonings.
Canning  City of Canning Town Planning Scheme No. 40 Amendment No. 182  Rezones land at Benzie Way, Parkwood, from Residential R17.5 to Residential R30. 
Manjimup Shire of Manjimup Local Planning Scheme No. 4 Amendment No. 1 Rezoning land at Pemberton-Northcliffe Road, Crowea and portion of land at Quenda Drive, Northcliffe from General Agriculture to Rural Residential..
Wanneroo City of Wanneroo District Planning Scheme No. 2 Amendment No. 115 Rezoning the portions of land at Marmion Avenue, Jindalee, zoned Urban Development, Commercial, Civic and Cultural, Business Additional Use 1-26, Restricted Use 2-1 and Restricted Use 2-2 to Smart Growth Community zone. 4. Zoning an unreserved portion of land at Jindalee, Smart Growth Community zone.
York Shire of York Town Planning Scheme No. 2 Amendment No. 31 Rezoning land at Great Southern Highway, York from General Agriculture to Rural Residential.
Busselton City of Busselton Town Planning Scheme No. 20 Amendment No. 127 Rezoning land at Busselton Inner Bypass and Chapman Hill Road, Busselton from Development Investigation Area and Agriculture to Special Purpose (Ambergate North Development Area).
Capel Shire of Capel Town Planning Scheme No. 7 Amendment No. 56 Changing the zoning of Lot 1 Coachwood Way, Gelorup from Special Use (Wholesale/Retail Plant Nursery, Dwelling House) to Residential with a density code of R2.5.

South Australia

Planning Scheme

In July, 1 council in the State amended their planning schemes which affected zonings.
Onkaparinga  Better Development Plan and General Development Plan Amendment  A Development Plan Amendment (DPA) to convert and restructure the development plan to align with the state government requirements to convert all development plans into BDP format using the Planning Policy Library. 
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