Wyong Council’s Draft Local Environmental Plan On Exhibition (Draft Wyong LEP)

13/01/2013 8:39 pm

Three important planning documents that will guide the direction of development in the Wyong Local Government Area (LGA) for the next 25 years are on public exhibition until 20 February 2013.

All councils in NSW have had to review their Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and develop a standardised planning document, in an attempt to help simplify the planning system.

The draft Wyong LEP 2012 is the shire's principal planning document that outlines zoning and regulates what development can occur.

It will plan future land use in the shire and determine what can and can't be done on a property.

As part of the document, the council has developed a draft Settlement Strategy to help plan for population growth, local employment opportunities and infrastructure improvements.

Mayor Doug Eaton said some of the initiatives were designed to boost investment and jobs in the shire, streamline the process for establishing a business in a designated employment zone, and create affordable housing options for the shire's growing population.

"It is proposed to have new height restrictions in our designated Iconic Development Sites, and establish more flexible uses of industrial zoned land of which will increase economic development," Mr Eaton said.

"This council is serious about stimulating investment and development in the shire."

The Draft LEP also:

  • Identifies a strategic location for a Type 3 regional airport for the Central Coast in the Bushells Ridge area
  • Includes clauses to stimulate town centre renewal
  • Reduces lot sizes in line with town centre masterplans to stimulate affordable housing
  • Provides new enterprise corridors to attract innovative uses to the shire
  • Identifies future road corridors to cater for growth of 70,000 residents over 20 years
  • Identifies significant employment generation lands to provide jobs to the community

Included in the exhibition package is the Draft Wyong Development Control Plan 2012. The Draft DCP 2012 fleshes out the details of the LEP and provides property owners with 'how to' design information to mee Council requirements for sustainable, quality development.

Visit Council's website for more details and to review the Draft LEP and the Settlement Strategy 2012