World’s Next Tallest Building – Kingdom Tower Breaks New Record

18/09/2014 6:10 pm

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 2.09.24 PMThe  world's next tallest building, Kingdom Tower, in Jeddah, has utilised the world’s tallest construction crane.

Construction of the skyscraper, which will reach the height of more than a kilometre, is being assisted by custom-built cranes from Germany’s Liebherr & WolffKran.

Known as “climbing cranes”, the lifting devices are designed to accompany the Tower’s growth both externally and internally, in the latter case utilizing any of the building’s 65 interior elevator shafts to make the climb.

“Now that we have completed our subterranean work, we are airborne,” said Mounib Hammoud, CEO of Jeddah Economic Company in the Saudi Gazette. “The unprecedented size and height of Kingdom Tower means we can only utilise the very best in equipment, material and methods. Liebherr’s and WolffKran very impressive and innovative cranes fit this bill.”

The largest of the six cranes, Liebherr type 357 HC-L, can lift up to 18 tons at a speed of 44 meters / minute with heights to parallel that of the tower . The cranes are attached to the body of the building but sits atop a phenomenally narrow tower support of only 2.4 meters X 2.45 meters.

Tower’s foundation is now in place and vertical, above-ground construction commenced this month. The schedule aims to have the first ten floors to be completed by the end of the year.


[via CWO]