Workshopping The New Planning System

11/10/2012 8:40 pm



Yesterday the Planning Department held a workshop on the NSW planning reforms. The workshop was attended by 400 people including Minister Hazard, local and State Government representatives, environmental and community groups, developers and consultants.

The workshop involved a panel discussion with Dr Geoff Gallop (University Of Sydney), Stephen Albin (CEO UDIA), Lucy Turnbull, Carolyn McNally (DDG Transport NSW), Sarah Hill (PIA), Melissa Watkins (Dubbo City Council) and Van Le (Community Rep).

The workshop had a vocal community/environmental group attendance that raised a number of direct questions to the minister. A series of discussion workshops focussed on the following topics:

  • Community Participation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Infrastructure Provision

From the questions and feedback at the workshop it appears as if the State Government is giving serious consideration to a community jury type approach to community consultation, which would be written into a public consultation charter. This would then guide the strategic planning model as outlined in the green paper.

It appears that infrastructure contributions are heading towards plan-based levies that would be administered by a sub-regional board made up from local councils and State Government agencies.