What is MapSearch?

In order to make searching Blockbrief's comprehensive database of development and investment opportunities easy we have developed a simple map based search, called MapSearch. MapSearch makes it possible to quickly search all the data on Blockbrief by simply typing in a location you are interested in.



1. Dashboard

After you have logged in to your My Sites account, from the Dashboard click the MapSearch tab on the My Sites navigation bar.




2. MapSearch

MapSearch will pop up, with a search bar and the map. The page dropdown allows you search through the results. You will use the filter options buttons to narrow your search.





3. Filter Options

The Sites Database provides 2 types of filters:

  • Filter by Data Type
  • Filter by Adoption (Stage)

You can decide how narrow you want your search to be by selecting the filter option.

The filter by options include:

  • Data Type: Sites, Zoning Change, News
  • Adopted: Yes, No

When you have the filter you wish to narrow your search by selecting the option.




4. Found A Result

If you have found a result you are interested in from your search, click on the result for more details and you will be sent to the relevant database for the full details on the result.



imac_750x640 (3)

A popup window will appear.