What is Blockbrief?

Blockbrief is dedicated to the planning expertise behind understanding zoning risk and opportunity, and has taken existing planning analysis a step further. Our staff of urban planners and GIS analysts has developed a suite of powerful tools and methodologies to review and assess the impact of zoning on real estate, based on factors and data unique to each planning issue.

Blockbrief conducts expansive, ongoing research to produce and maintain the most comprehensive database of Australian zoning and development uplift information.

Blockbrief makes it simple for anyone to research and keep up to date with planning changes and development opportunities. So what's a Blockbrief membership include:

  • Zoning Alerts: Tracks proposed and adopted zoning changes across Australia with information such as location, yield, applicant and description. Each week Blockbrief updates the database with the zoning changes from the previous week. Users can follow these changes by reading the weekly Zoning Alerts Email or checking the Zoning Alerts Tab in their My Sites account. Users can also check the Recent section on the Dashboard in their my sites account.
  • Development Site Database: A guide of every valid land development opportunity within a city. Including greenfield, infill and vacant land. These opportunities include  rezonings, underutilised sites, sites with permits and surplus government land. We have also recently added to the database sites listed for sale with development potential claims. Users can research these opportunities by checking the Sites Tab in their My Sites account.
  • Reports: Blockbrief provides zoning research reports at the local (municipal and suburb) and property level. Users can Order a Report by clicking on the Order Report Tab in their My Sites account.
  • Zoning Search: Access the most comprehensive interactive database of zoning maps in Australia. Blockbrief provides users with the ability to quickly search the zonings of a properties across local jurisdictions. Zoning Search is currently available in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, for municipalities who have adopted their state's standard mapping system. Users can utilise Zoning Search by simply entering in a street address they wish to search on the Dashboard section of their My Sites account.