What Is Blockbrief? (Video)

26/11/2012 5:25 am


Why We Created Blockbrief?

We created Blockbrief because currently it is extremely difficult for real estate buyers to access the right information about what they can do with a piece of land. Blockbrief addresses this problem by providing information that empowers investors to identify the true development potential of a property and make an informed investment decision.

We are excited to have created a site which is redefining the development site search process. For the first time property searchers will have the ability to search for previously unidentified development sites within one application and they can do it on the go and it starts here in Australia.

Blockbrief CEO and Founder Matthew Player, said that Blockbrief is transforming the process of searching for property development sites.

"We are redefining the property development site search experience and empowering property investors to make informed real estate decisions" said Player.

Check out Blockbrief here.