What Is A Development Application?

05/11/2012 12:08 am


What is a DA?

A development application (DA) is an application for the:

  • erection of a building
  • carrying out of work
  • subdivision of land
  • demolition of a building
  • erecting signage, or
  • use of land

When Is A DA Required?

If you wish to carry out any of the above you will be required to lodge a development application, unless the proposal is defined as Exempt or Complying Development.

What Do You Need To Lodge With Your DA?

Typically to lodge a DA the local authority will require:

  • A completed DA Form;
  • DA Fees;
  • Architectural plans of the site and building;
  • Expert reports, relevant to the DA, including : Town planning reports, traffic reports, acoustic reports, stormwater reports/plans, landscaping plans, engineering plans and heritage  impact reports, environmental reports and other repots which the council may request.

What Are Council's Responsibilities In Assessing A DA?

Council must assess all DAs on their individual merits having regard to the 'planning matters for consideration' under the Planning Act. Council must consider any relevant planning instrument, policy and other prescribed matters. In addition, Council is required to take into consideration the natural and built environmental, social and economic impacts of the development, any submissions received and the community interest. Council cannot approve or refuse a DA unless the decision is for a planning purpose.

What Happens After You Lodge The DA?

  • The DA may be publicly exhibited and neighbouring property owners may be notified about the proposal;
  • The DA may be referred to various sections of the Council or author Government Agencies;
  • The DA is assessed by an assessment officer within Council.
  • The DA may be sent to a Council meeting for determination or determined by delegation.

How Can You Assist The Process?

  • Keep in regular contact with the assessing officer.
  • Promptly inform the assessing officer of any changes to your circumstances or the proposal.