What Developments are Permissible in the B3 Zone?

*Permissible developments can vary between LGA's, however these are the typical developments allowed for B3 zoning.

Each zone has different objectives that can help you understand why certain developments are allowed or prohibited in this zone. The purpose can vary slightly between councils and some may have additional purposes. Generally one purpose of the B3 Zone, also known as Commercial Core, is to provide a range of retail, business, office, entertainment and other uses that are needed to serve the needs of the local and wider community.  Other purposes include encouraging employment opportunities in accessible locations, maximising public transport, and to create opportunities that will improve the public domain.  Another purpose may be to protect and encourage accessible city blocks by providing active street frontages, and a network of pedestrian-friendly streets, lanes and arcades.

With that said, below are the developments that are generally allowed and prohibited under the B3 Zone.

Allowed without Council's Consent


Allowed with Council's Consent

Consent by council must generally be obtained prior to development for any of the following:

  • Building identification signs; Business identification signs; Business premises; Car parks; Child care centres; Commercial premises; Community facilities; Educational establishments; Entertainment facilities; Function centres; Hospitals; Hotel or motel accommodation; Information and education facilities; Medical centres; Office premises; Passenger transport facilities; Places of public worship; Public administration buildings; Recreation facilities (indoor); Registered clubs; Respite day care centres; Restricted premises; Roads; Tourist and visitor accommodation

Prohibited Development

Any development not listed above is generally prohibited under the B3 Zone.

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