What Developments are Permissible in the B2 Zone?

*Permissible developments can vary between LGA's, however these are the typical developments allowed for B2 zoning.

Each zone has different objectives that can help you understand why certain developments are allowed or prohibited in this zone. The purpose can vary slightly between councils and some may have additional purposes. Generally one purpose of the B2 Zone, also known as Local Centre, is to provide a range of retail, business, entertainment and community uses that are needed to serve the needs of the people who live, work in, or visit the local area.  Another purpose is to encourage employment opportunities in accessible locations.  A third purpose is generally to encourage construction of mixed use buildings, meaning buildings that integrate residential and commercial uses.

With that said, below are the developments that are generally allowed and prohibited under the B2 Zone.

Allowed without Council's Consent

Development without seeking council's consent is only allowed for the purpose of home occupation.

Allowed with Council's Consent

Consent by council must generally be obtained prior to development for any of the following:

  • Boarding houses; Building identification signs; Business identification signs; Child care centres; Commercial premises; Community facilities; Educational establishments; Entertainment facilities; Function centres; Hostels; Information and education facilities; Medical centres; Passenger transport facilities; Recreation facilities (indoor); Registered clubs; Respite day care centres; Restricted premises; Roads; Seniors housing; Service stations; Shop top housing; Tourist and visitor accommodation; Water recycling facilities; Any development other than home occupation or not listed under prohibited developments

Prohibited Development

Development for the following purposes will be generally prohibited under Zone B2:

  • Agriculture; Air transport facilities; Airstrips; Amusement centres; Animal boarding or training establishments; Boat building and repair facilities; Boat launching ramps; Boat sheds; Camping grounds; Caravan parks; Cemeteries; Charter and tourism boating facilities; Correctional centres; Crematoria; Depots; Eco-tourist facilities; Electricity generating works; Exhibition homes; Exhibition villages; Extractive industries; Farm buildings; Forestry; Freight transport facilities; Heavy industrial storage establishments; Helipads; Highway service centres; Home industries; Home occupations (sex services); Industrial retail outlets; Industrial training facilities; Industries; Jetties; Marinas; Mooring pens; Moorings; Mortuaries; Open cut mining; Port facilities; Recreation facilities (major); Research stations; Residential accommodation; Rural industries; Sewerage systems; Sex services premises; Signage; Storage premises; Transport depots; Truck depots; Vehicle body repair workshops; Vehicle repair stations; Warehouse or distribution centres; Waste or resource management facilities; Water recreation structures; Water supply systems; Wharf or boating facilities; Wholesale supplies

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