Western Australia Rezoning to Yield over 3,000 Dwellings

07/09/2016 12:51 pm

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The City of Canning LPS No 40 Amendment 208 was adopted in July to implement the Queens Park Local Structure Plan and will yield over 3,000 dwellings.

The Amendment seeks to:

  • create a new Centre zone and associated provisions
  • insert a new Small Bar land use
  • rezone and reclassify a significant area within the Queens Park Railway Precinct to Centre
  • The project will be staged over a 15 year period.


The amendment creates a Development Area around the Queen Park Train Station and rezones most of the land within the Development Area to Centre and inserts a new Small Bar land use.

The amendment provides for a clear link to a structure plan over the Precinct and seeks to increase densities in the area in accordance with transit oriented development principles.

The goal of the planning change is to increase the viability of the Queens Park Train Station and local businesses in the Precinct core. It is anticipated that 6,000 sqm of retail floorspace will be added within the Queens Park LSP area by 2031.

According to CoreLogic, the current median sale price in Queens Park is $520,000. With 3,000 dwellings being added to the market with the rezoning, this equates to approximately $1.5B worth of property. It is noted however, that the increased supply will put pressure on house prices in Queens Park.

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