Victorian Zoning Guide

In order to help demystify Victorian zoning regulations we have created this ultra-condensed version of the Victoria Planning Provisions for the various categories of Residential and Commercial zonings.

Each synopsis provides general requirements for property development. This summary is not intended to be a substitute for the respective council Planning Schemes themselves.

Victoria has a total of 25 standard zones which can be used, and each individual planning scheme uses only those zones which are appropriate for that area. All land in Victoria has a zone. Zones specify particular purposes for land, such as business, industrial or residential. They indicate which uses can be undertaken on land, as well as controls relating to buildings and subdivision.


Please note: The Planning Zones in Victoria have been reformed. Councils will have 12 months from 1 July 2013 to introduce the new residential zones into their local planning schemes. Various planning scheme amendments are being proposed by councils to apply the new residential zones. Visit Blockbrief for more information.


Residential Zoning In Victoria

Please click on the links below to read overviews of individual residential zones in Victoria.

>> Residential 1 Zone (R1Z)

>> Residential 2 Zone (R2Z)

>> Low Density Residential Zone (LDRZ)

>> Mixed Use Zone (MUZ)

>> Township Zone (TZ)

>> Residential 3 Zone (R3Z)


Note: From July 1 2013 the existing Residential 1 Zone, Residential 2 Zone and Residential 3 Zone are to be replaced by three new residential zones:

> Residential Growth Zone

> General Residential Zone

> The Neighbourhood Residential Zone

More information



Commercial Zoning In NSW

Please click on the links below to read overviews of individual commercial zones in Victoria.

>> Business 1 Zone (B1Z)

>> Business 2 Zone (B2Z)

>> Business 3 Zone (B3Z)

>> Business 4 Zone (B4Z)

>> Business 5 Zone (B5Z)


Special Use Zoning In NSW

Please click on the links below to read overview of relevant special use zones in Victoria.

>> Comprehensive Development Zone (CDZ)

>> Capital City Zone (CCZ)

>> Docklands Zone (DZ)

>> Priority Development Zone (PDZ)

>> Urban Growth Zone (UGZ)

>> Activity Centre Zone (ACZ)


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