Victorian Planning Minister tells Moonee Valley Council to conduct more research into rezoning residential areas

17/09/2014 7:43 pm

matthew guyMoonee Valley Council’s plan to restrict housing growth was labelled “fatally flawed” in a damning report from a planning advisory committee.

State Planning Minister Matthew Guy said the council would undertake further research on what new residential zones should apply following the independent committee’s recommendations.

In its proposal, the council requested 75.5 per cent of residential land be placed under the neighbourhood residential zone, which encourages the lowest scale of growth.

The committee’s report states this zone was applied too widely and without justification.

Mr Guy said the council should go back to the drawing board.

“Rather than rush to put in place a zoning structure that neither council nor the community has seen, I have accepted the independent committee’s recommendation that further strategic work be done,” he said.

“I encourage Moonee Valley Council to consider the independent advisory committee’s report and take the time to conduct further research and consult with local residents and businesses on the right zoning for local suburbs.”

Councils were asked to allocate new zones to residential areas in their municipalities to replace the old zone 1, 2 and 3 system. The state reforms were to apply from July 1.

Residential areas in the Moonee Valley have instead been placed under the blanket general residential zone, which includes a discretionary 9m height limit and encourages moderate housing growth and diversity.

Moonee Valley was one of three councils whose applications the advisory committee recommended not be approved.

[Via Herald Sun]