The World’s Strangest Skyscraper To Be Erected In Taiwan

28/10/2012 2:38 pm

Courtesy of  Architects

The Taiwanese are preparing to build one of the world's strangest skyscrapers. Consisting entirely of hollow steel tubes, the structure will support a park on the roof with fantastic views. Tokyo based architect Sou Fujimoto has designed the tower, the design has been selected as the 1st prize winner for the Taiwan Tower International Competition. The winning proposal's design reflects Fujimoto's philosophy of Primitive Future, as the "21st Century Oasis" aspires to be a model of green architecture for the future generations.

The project is comprised of two main elements – the grand structural frame and the roof-top garden. Inspired by the Taiwanese Banyan tree, the structural frame creates a shaded, semi-outdoor space as it encases the site. Simultaneously, the roof-top garden floats 300 meters above, representing the richness of beauty and nature of Formosa (Divine Island).

Arch Daily reports that the light of the tower has “no obvious form”, as it represents an all natural phenomenon. The transparent, nonobjective feel is perceived as an “air-like light.” The roof-top garden is the three-dimensional continuation of the green-belt. The tower is meant to be graceful in nature and ever-changing, similar to the people of Taiwan.