The Victorian Planning Minister’s Assessment of the Kilmore-Wallan Bypass EES Inquiry and Advisory Committee Report released

16/03/2015 8:15 am

freeway-592Planning Minister Richard Wynne has released his assessment of the proposed Kilmore Wallan Bypass together with the independent Inquiry Panel report on the project. The Minister's Assessment, Inquiry Panel report and project information can be found here.

Population growth in and around the towns of Kilmore, Broadford and Wallan is resulting in traffic congestion in the area and a bypass is needed to provide an alternative to the Northern Highway to relieve this congestion and remove heavy freight trucks from the main streets of Kilmore and Wallan.

The Minister for Planning’s assessment supports the findings of the Environmental Effects Statement Inquiry Report which determined the Western bypass option proposed by VicRoads achieves the best balance of social, environmental and economic outcomes by avoiding impacts on the Kilmore equestrian racecourse and equine precinct, public open space at Monument Hill Reserve and Kilmore Golf Course.

The Minister’s Assessment of the Inquiry’s Report is the final step in the Environmental Effects Statement process and while his assessment does not approve or reject the bypass, the assessment has found any possible impacts can be minimised through project design refinement and management of construction works including the introduction of Environmental Management Plans for the project.
The Kilmore Wallan Bypass Environment Effects Statement was exhibited from 10 June through to 21 July in 2014 attracting 130 submissions.

The Minister’s Assessment of the project and its effects will now be sent to the statutory decision-makers on the project including VicRoads who will consider whether to proceed with the project.
If the project moves ahead, VicRoads will need to seek the relevant statutory approvals including approval of a planning scheme amendment. Any decisions in relation to the statutory approvals required for the project must take the Minister’s assessment into account.

More information about the Kilmore-Wallan Bypass and the Advisory Committee and Minister's reports