The Victorian Government Releases a new discussion paper – Better Apartments

19/05/2015 6:38 am

betterapartments.-300jpgThe Victorian Government has released a new discussion paper – Better Apartments – to bring together community and industry voices about how to improve the internal design amenity of apartments.

The discussion paper will broaden the existing conversation around apartment design from local government and industry to include the community at large, including those who live in apartments.

The number of apartments being built in Victoria makes up a significant portion of all new dwellings constructed in the State as more Victorians choose apartment living.

This rapid growth has led to legitimate concern from government, industry and the broader community about the internal amenity of apartments being built in Victoria. The government is seeking to respond to those concerns through the Better Apartments papers.

Better Apartments is one part of a comprehensive engagement program aimed at providing considered, robust and informed guidance on how Victoria can adopt best practice and world-leading apartment design.

Submissions on the discussion paper can be made online through an online survey and submission form that will be available from the end of May and open until the end of July 2015. This will be complemented by a program of community, council and industry stakeholder forums and working groups.

View the Better Apartments discussion paper by visiting