Tasmanian planning system changes pass lower house

16/10/2015 2:35 am

PeterA bill to enact a Tasmania-wide planning scheme has passed by the Parliament's lower house after after a long debate.

The State Government's bill to replace more than 30 separate schemes with a single planning framework has cleared its first parliamentary hurdle, after long debate.

The bill cleared on party lines without amendment at about 1:30am.

One of the Government's main arguments for a single statewide planning scheme is a lack of uniformity across the state's 29 councils. In summary, there is a different set of planning rules depending on which part of Tasmania you live in.

The Planning Minister told Parliament the proposal was a big improvement on the current system, and local councils would still have control over their areas.

"What this provides for is the transfer of the local schemes, the good things in those scheme," Mr Gutwein said.

Details about what will and will not be allowed in 22 proposed new common zones will not be determined until early next year.

The bill will now debated by the Upper House. The Government wants to have the scheme up and running by 2017.