Stage 1 of New Town Development Huntlee Gets The Green Light

30/04/2013 4:10 am

A proposal to develop a New Town in the Hunter Valley, named Huntlee, has gained approval from the NSW State Government for Stage 1 of the development. The project located near Branxton in the Hunter Valley comprises subdivision for 1,900 residential lots, 120 large-lot residential lots, 60ha of employment lands and associated infrastructure.

The town is being developed by Huntlee Pty Ltd. The proposal represents Stage 1 of the implementation of Huntlee, that was Gazetted as a State Significant Site (SSS) in 2010. Key parts of the overall Huntlee development include:

  • Up to 5600 dwellings in residential zones of varying sizes covering up to 612 hectares;
  • Employment lands totalling up to 200 hectares including a mixed use town centre with up to 1,700 residential dwellings;
  • Large lot residential development covering up to 93 hectares to achieve 200 lots;
  • The provision of associated infrastructure including upgrades to roads, sewerage and water infrastructure and the dedication of land for education, health services, community facilities and utilities;

The first stage residential village is located to the east and north of the existing village of North Rothbury. The first stages of the employment lands are located between North Rothbury and Branxton, straddling Wine Country Drive. The 120 large lot residential area is located south of the village of North Rothbury.