Developers Lodging a DA Over the Christmas & New Year Period To Limit Objections from Neighbours, Should Weigh Up Time Delays

10/10/2011 9:26 am

When building works are proposed on a property which can potentially have an affect on the enjoyment of other surrounding properties, local councils will place the development proposal on neighbour notification.

The specific requirements of the neighbour notification process vary from council to council throughout NSW. However, generally speaking, councils will send notification plans to all residents deemed to be potentially affected by the proposed development. Notification plans are typically A4 size sheets indicating the site plan and an elevation showing the height and external configuration of the proposed building.

Readers in considering lodging develop application (DA) should be aware that the time in which your DA is placed on neighbour notification is increased over the Christmas and New Year period by a number of councils throughout the Sydney metropolitan region. The intent of which is to ensure that as many neighbours as possible are provided with opportunity to comment on your development proposal in a period of the year when many people are often away on holidays (hence the additional time period).

If you intend on lodging your development application this December or January be aware that the neighbour notification may be increased for a period of up to four (4) weeks, representing an additional two (2) weeks beyond the typical time period. In many instances, the more shrewd developer takes advantage of the holiday period to submit a development proposal when adjoining property owners are often away, thus, limiting the likelihood of objections being raised which can add costly time delays to your project.