Rotten Tomatoes?

24/08/2011 4:00 am

The NSW Department of Planning & Infrastructure (DoPI) has launched the NSW Planning Review website, which is to be the public interface of the review of the state's key piece of planning legislation.

The state's main planning legislation the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act), outlines how decisions are made about what people can do with their land in NSW.

In keeping with their election promise the NSW Government has decided to review the EP&A Act and its associated planning system. The review will likely lead to a new framework for the NSW Planning System, including draft legislation, it is therefore extremely significant for anyone with an interest in the planning system (everyone), particularly developers, home owners and home buyers. As any new legislation will determine how planning controls like zoning, height, land use mix and density are created, and how development proposals are determined.

Unfortunately the review site doesn't afford the public the chance to throw a tomato at the 31 year old legislation. The government has established an independent panel for review of the legislation and the planning system as a whole.

Tomato Fight

Aron Corey, Wikimedia Commons

However, the panel consultation process will provide the public with an opportunity to voice their views on whether the legislation is "fresh" or "rotten". The panel will be undertaking a broad community listening process throughout state from September to November, as part of the listening and scoping stage of the review. Dates and times will be released shortly.

Stay posted!


Videos and a feedback report from the Ministerial planning forum on 22 July have now been posted online. The forum was attended by more than 220 people and included speeches, a panel discussion and workshops to mark the start of the planning system review.

NSW Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, gives the opening speech to the Ministerial planning forum held on 22 July 2011