QLD Government Launches Major Project App

19/02/2015 11:34 am

The QLD Government has released a web app to report on major projects throughout the state.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 8.26.18 PM

The Major Projects App is an interactive online guide into the major public sector and private industry projects, valued at $100 million or more, that are under study, committed, in construction or completed. The aim of the app is to provide valuable insights and useful information including who, what, where and when regarding major projects and infrastructure in Queensland.


The QLD believes that,"this essential tool will be your key to knowing the trends and harnessing the opportunities across the sector in Queensland - a 'must have' for anyone doing business in

Blockbrief will be adding major project information to our database and alerts system, so that our users can access this information from their Blockbrief Dashboard.