Proposed Changes To Template LEP

01/11/2012 9:56 am


Feedback is being sought by the Planning Department on recommendations to change the Statewide template being used to update Local Environmental Plans (LEPs), including to give greater flexibility to local councils. The Statewide LEP template is used as the basis for all new council-wide planning instruments. Nearly half of the 152 councils across NSW have a template LEP in place, with most of the remaining councils in the process of preparing one.

The Local Planning Panel, which included representatives from local councils and senior staff from the Department, has made recommendations following a 12 month review. The panel's position paper and recommendations for one month, to gather feedback on the proposed changes.

The panel's key recommendations include:

  • Implementing a range of additional zones, including a natural hazards zone to deal with sea level rise or other hazards, and additional rural, residential, business, industrial, recreation, environmental protection and waterways zones.
  • Giving greater flexibility to councils to prohibit or permit development types for particular locations and include additional development standards to reflect local circumstances.
  • Continuing to require councils to permit sex services premises in at least one zone in each council area, in recognition that they are a legal land use and cannot be prohibited outright.
  • Continuing to require councils to make places of public worship permissible in low density residential areas, while giving councils discretion on which other zones should also permit places of public worship.
  • Giving increased consideration to development in the vicinity of heritage items.
  • Introducing a comprehensive standard instrument LEP performance monitoring system.
  • Simplifying language and terminology in the LEP template.

The panel's Position Paper and recommendations are on exhibition until 30 November. Documents for the exhibition are available on the department's website.