Planning Process For Ingleside Land Release Announced

19/02/2013 6:50 am

Pittwater Council has accepted an invitation by the NSW Department of Planning to participate in a ‘precinct planning’ process for the Ingleside area.

According to Pittwater Mayor Jacqui Townsend, the precinct planning process is ‘a significant opportunity for the Council to work closely with the state government in managing an orderly release of land in Ingleside.’

“Last night’s unanimous decision to participate in the process is the result of lengthy negotiations between the Council, the government and landowners to resolve the development question for Ingleside,” she said.

Mayor Townsend said the process was already used in other land release areas in south west and north west Sydney and would be the first time it had been used in the northern Sydney region to address a major land release. “The outcome of the precinct planning process is to rezone land in a holistic way involving multiple government agencies and taking account of infrastructure and service needs for any new development,” she said.

She said that once the process was completed, complementary planning controls would be prepared for Pittwater’s new Local Environmental Plan and corresponding Development Control Plan, as well as a developer contributions plan for funding and a delivery program of infrastructure and services.

The email address for enquiries about the precinct planning process in Ingleside is