Planning For Paper Subdivisions

09/10/2012 9:28 pm

The NSW Planning Department recently exhibited a draft mechanism to assist the development of land held in ‘paper subdivisions’. Paper subdivisions refers to land that has been subdivided on paper, but typically not zoned or serviced to allow housing and other development. These subdivisions can date back to the late 1880s.

The Government's draft regulation and planning guidelines include a process to overcome the difficulties associated with highly fragmented land ownership. The amendments are intended to assist stakeholders who are involved in the development of land held in paper subdivision, using the process set out in Schedule 5 to the  Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (the Act).

The provisions in Schedule 5 to the Act establish a mechanism that can be used to overcome long standing barriers to realising the devleopment potential of paper subdivisions. The mechanism will be of use primarily where land has been zoned or is subject to a planning proposal under the Act to enable development, but fragmented ownership and the owners’ lack of funding and development expertise has made the development process very difficult.

The draft documents are available here.