Planning Department Expands Online Lodgement System for Applications

08/08/2012 12:34 pm

The Planning Department has expanded the availability of online lodgement of state significant development and infrastructure applications to include modifications to existing projects.

Since November 2011, developers have been able to lodge development applications online as part of the Government’s new state significant development system. Modifications to existing approvals can now also be lodged in this way.

The department’s Director-General Sam Haddad said the expansion of this e-planning tool would streamline the application and assessment process for applicants and make information more accessible to the public.

“Online lodgement makes the application process simpler and more efficient for applicants and the department,” Mr Haddad said.

“It allows the assessment process to get underway more quickly and also makes it easier for the public to track the progress of State significant development proposals from much earlier in the process.