Plan Crazy

19/06/2012 10:44 am

The Property Council of Australia, with the assistance of JBA Urban Planning Consultants, has launched its “Planning Gone Mad” novel which is a fictionalised account of the current development assessment process in NSW. It draws on the experiences of developers seeking to attain development consent from local authorities across the State, many of which are resultant in substantial (and often costly) time delays and ambiguity surrounding which development controls apply to a given site. Fortunately, the Property Council of Australia’s NSW Executive Director Glen Byres has today indicated that it is working with the NSW state government to work towards an amended planning system.

Byres stipulates that “The Property Council is fully engaged with the NSW Government’s review of the current planning system... We are actively working with the Government to promote better solutions that improve strategic planning, community consultation and development assessment”.

Read the Property Council of Australia’s “Planning Gone Mad” compilation here .