Packer’s Casino At Barangaroo On Hold Until 2019

10/10/2012 9:16 pm


Premier Barry O'Farrell confirmed yesterday that James Pack Will have to wait until 2019 before he can have a casino at Barangaroo and it will require a change to the one casino licence policy in NSW.

There has been speculation that Packer would use that licence to open a high-rollers' room at a six-star hotel he has promised to build at Barangaroo.

But under questioning from Greens MP John Kaye at budget estimates, Mr O'Farrell, a supporter of Mr Packer's proposal, confirmed he believed that the one casino legislation agreement set out that the state's only casino had to be on "one site".

He added he had no intention of breaking the 12-year exclusivity arrangement the Labor government signed with the Star in 2007.