NSW Government commits $20.9m for a new planning system

04/07/2013 6:17 am


In the 2013-14 budget announced last month, the NSW Government allocated $20.9 million to assist in the integration of the new planning system. Of this amount, up to $3 million will be dedicated to funding the cultural change of NSW’s community participation and engagement framework.


On top of this, the budget announcement included additional funding of $5.3 million to allow for the continuation of the existing state operated Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) and Joint Regional Planning Panels (JRPP).


The announcement comes following the release of the Government’s White Paper which was on exhibition for public comment last month. The budget’s allocation of significant funding will assist in the implementation of the Government’s strategic planning framework as well as the anticipated new planning laws which are expected to commence in 2014. Key elements identified by the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DP&I) include:


-      Introduction of legislation to NSW Parliament this year for commencement in 2014.

-      Delivery of new Statewide NSW Planning Policies.

-      Commencement of Regional Growth Plans, Subregional Delivery Plans and Growth Infrastructure Plans.

-      Establishment of Subregional Planning Boards which will include local Council representation.


The $20.9 million commitment is the first of its kind in decades and is a proven example that the Government is taking a serious approach to NSW’s planning reform and timely rollout.