NSW Zoning Guide

In order to help demystify NSW zoning regulations we have created this ultra-condensed version of the NSW Standard Instrument Local Environmental Plan for the various categories of Residential and Commercial zonings.

Each synopsis provides general requirements for property development. This summary is not intended to be a substitute for the respective council Local Environmental Plans themselves.

Residential Zoning In NSW

The Standard Instrument introduces a suite of residential zones. For each zone it identifies certain mandatory objectives and mandatory land uses that are permitted with consent or permitted without consent. It also includes a range of land uses which are prohibited in each zone.

Please click on the links below to read overviews of individual residential zones in NSW.

>> R1 General Residential

>> R2 Low Density Residential

>> R3 Medium Density Residential

>> R4 High Density Residential

>> R5 Large Lot Residential


Commercial Zoning In NSW

Please click on the links below to read overviews of individual commercial zones in NSW.

>> B1 Neighbourhood Centre

>> B2 Local Centre

>> B3 Commercial Core

>> B4 Mixed Use

>> B5 Business Development

>> B6 Enterprise Corridor

>> B7 Business Park

>> B8 Metropolitan Centre


Zoning Under The New NSW Planning System

The New NSW Planning System proposes radical changes to how land is zoned in NSW. Fewer zones will exist under the new system, where genuinely incompatible land uses are separated, while allowing for a broader scope of complementary land uses to develop within individual zonings.



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