NSW Planning Department Releases A New Home Improvement Hub

16/03/2015 8:07 am

hub_home_media_cropA new one-stop-shop for home improvements has been launched by the Department of Planning and Environment. The Department is seeking to bring together new ePlanning tools making it easier to renovate.

The new PlanningHub combines a range of popular online tools to get home improvements approved quicker and cheaper.

A spokesperson from the Department said the ePlanning tools were already popular attracting more than 100,000 users since their launch last year.

“The PlanningHub cuts time and stress out of renovating your own home. People can visit the Hub easily online 24-hours-a-day to find a range of planning information you need to undertake complying development,” the spokesperson said.

“If you’re a keen DIY enthusiast the PlanningHub will become a favourite. Whether you want to update your bathroom, add another level to your home, build a deck or garage – the Hub will make the process easier.”

The complying development process is faster than making a development application. The latest development data shows it takes an average of 18 days to gain approval. Alternatively it can take an average of 70 days to receive a DA approval from Council.

The Department introduced new online planning tools and quickly saw them rise in popularity. More than 100,000 people have been online to see what they can do to their home or business. The PlanningHub is a response to that growing interest.

“When we looked at the latest development data it was clear that more NSW homeowners were taking on straightforward home improvements themselves than ever before.

“The Planning Hub can only make these complying development options easier for the average homeowner updating their house or apartment.”

For more information visit http://hub.planning.nsw.gov.au.