NSW Government Releases Its New Plan For Sydney

15/12/2014 7:41 am

Matthew Player, Blockbrief CEO & Founder

The NSW Government released a new strategic plan for Sydney over the weekend, which outlines its policies for providing for 664,000 new homes for an additional 1.6 million people by 2034.



Over the weekend the NSW State Government released A Plan for Growing Sydney a new strategic plan, “to make an Sydney an even better place to live, and cement our status as one of the greatest global cities.”

The strategic plan will guide land use planning decisions in metropolitan Sydney for the next 20 years. Future land use planning will shape where people live, the productivity of the economy and the liveability of the city. The Minister for Planning Pru Goward stated that the Plan presents a clear strategy for accommodating Sydney’s future population growth for the next 20 years.

“Our strategy balances the need to accelerate housing production with a desire for high levels of amenity and the creation of strong resilient communities within a highly liveable city.” Goward said.

To achieve the Government’s vision for Sydney of a strong global city, the following goals have been set by the Plan:

  • A competitive economy with world-class services and transport.
  • A city of housing choice with homes that meet our needs and lifestyles.
  • A great place to live with communities that are strong, healthy and well connected.
  • A sustainable and resilient city that protects the natural environment and has a balanced approach to the use of land and resources.

Highlights of the plan include:

  • Sydney’s population will grow by 1.6 million people, with 900,000 of the population growth occurring in Western Sydney.
  • Sydney needs to plan to accommodate 664,000 new homes.
  • By 2031 Sydney’s economic output will almost double to $565 billion a year and there will be 689,000 new jobs.
  • The Plan includes a new approach to delivery with the establishment of the Greater Sydney Commission – a dedicated new body with responsibility to drive delivery of the plan.
  • The Government will work towards delivering its target of 689,000 jobs by 2031. This will include developing job forecasts for strategic centres, which will provide a planning benchmark for assessing the capacity of suitably zone d land to meet future needs.
  • The Government will work with the Greater Sydney Commission to develop job targets for all strategic centres in consultation with local councils.
  • The Plan makes the intensive development of strategic locations across Sydney a priority, including the Sydney CBD, the Global Economic Corridor, Greater Parramatta and Sydney’s Gateways – the port and airports. Growth in these locations will sustain and expand the economy and support more jobs closer to where people live.
  • Accelerating urban renewal across Sydney at train stations is a key action of the plan, providing homes closer to jobs.
  • Grow Greater Parramatta as Sydney’s second CBD.
  • Transform the productivity of Western Sydney through growth and investment.
  • Enhance the capacity at Sydney’s Gateways – Port Botany; Sydney Airport and Badgerys Creek Airport.
  • Deliver infrastructure that is needed.

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