NSW Department Of Planning Site Gets Mobile

19/12/2013 2:58 pm

Smartphone-carrying property researchers now have better access to planning information from the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure's website through its new mobile site, the Department announced.

Helpful links to the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure website can now be easily accessed in mobile format.

Developed by the Department over nine weeks, the mobile site publishes the department’s latest news and information.

Development industry professionals, investors and the community can now get planning information quickly and easily with any mobile device.

“The preferred mode of accessing information for planning professionals and the wider community is through mobile devices like smart phones and tablets,” said the department’s ePlanning Director, John Hudson.

“The mobile site will improve user experience, download speeds and broader community engagement.” he said.

Alongside other planning tools like the Electronic Housing CodeBASIX, and communicating through social media such as Facebook and Twitter, the new mobile site is part of a broader initiative to bring the NSW  planning system online, simplifying and modernising access to information on the department’s work.

Try out the new mobile site at m.planning.nsw.gov.au