North Ryde Station Urban Activation Precinct Rezoning

23/04/2013 11:24 am

Proposed changes to planning controls to the North Ryde Station Precinct are currently on exhibition until the 19 May 2013.

The proposal seeks to rezone 13.99ha of land next to the North Ryde Railway Station as an Urban Activation Precinct to facilitate future development comprising a mix of residential, commercial, retail, community and recreational uses.

The rezoning process if adopted would establish site specific planning regime for the precinct with an amendement to the Ryde Local Environmental Plan 2010. The amendment to the Plan would establish zones, building heights, floor space ratio and other development which the future development of the precinct will be assessed against.

In summary the following is proposed for the precinct:

  • Land use zones - the majority of the precinct is proposed to be zoned for residential land use (R4 High Density Residential and R3 Medium Density Residential). To respond to the needs of the new residents of the proposed housing part of the precinct are also zoned RE1 Public Recreation, B4 Mixed Use and B3 Commercial Core.
  • Heights - maximum building heights range across the site, allowing for buildings from 4 storeys up to 33 storeys.
  • Floor Space Ratios - maximum floor space ratios range from 1:1 and 4:1.

Under the proposed zones and development controls it is estimated by the Department that a total gross floor area of 341,000sqm of residential and commercial development could be provided for across the precinct.

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