New York Mayor Names His Planning Commissioner

12/02/2014 6:26 pm



Last week, Mayor Bill de Blasio named Carl Wesibrod, as the new chairman of the city's planning commission. Crain's describes Wesibrod as, a "plugged-in real estate consultant and co-chair of his transition team".

Citing his role in helping revitalise Times Square and lower Manhattan in his previous roles in city government, Mr. de Blasio said Mr. Weisbrod's focus would be using the power of the Department of City Planning to address the problem of housing affordability in New York.

"He rose to become a man [whom] many different mayors and governors turned to to revitalize neighborhoods and move forward our city and economy," Mr. de Blasio said.

Mr. de Blasio also expanded on his outlook for future development projects in the city, noting that his planning commission would deviate significantly from Mr. Bloomberg's by prioritizing the creation of affordable housing and the fight against inequality.

"It's going to be a very different approach at City Planning," he vowed.

Mr. Weisbrod has extensive experience in city government, a quality that Mr. de Blasio favors for his appointees. Mr. Weisbrod is widely hailed for helping to revitalize Times Square, starting in the late 1970s under Mayor Ed Koch and continuing through the 1990s as founding president of the city's Economic Development Corp. under Mayor David Dinkins.