New Precinct Plan for Box Hill to Provide 9,600 New Homes

24/08/2016 11:28 am

Box Hill

Changes have been made to the Box Hill and Box Hill Industrial Precinct Plan.

The NSW Government has been working with local councils, agencies and communities to help provide 9,600 new homes in the north west of Sydney.

"The new revitalised community at Box Hill & Box Hill Industrial will benefit from up to 9,600 new homes and the delivery of local amenities close to transport options, including:

  • a new town centre and three village centres 
  • 133 hectares of employment land 
  • upgrades to major roads 
  • new primary and high schools 
  • protection of significant vegetation 
  • improved connections to encourage walking and cycling."

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The new neighbourhood will also help create local jobs for people living on the area. It is anticipated that there will be up to 16,000 new jobs once the area is fully developed.

The Department has announced that they have made changes to the Precinct Plan.

"Land has been rezoned to relocate Mount Carmel Road. This will provide better access to Windsor Road and local shops, provide more open space and reduce the impact of road construction on the creek and existing native plants and trees.

The location of the Mount Carmel Road Village Centre and Windsor Road Village Centre shops has been adjusted to ensure they remain central to the community and accessible.

The Department received five submissions during the public consultation of these proposed changes. This feedback was taken into account when finalising the amendments to the plan."

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The amendment includes changes to land areas zoned R2 and R3 on the site. In total, there is the potential for 19 more dwellings as a result of the proposed amendments.