New planning blueprint to put Parramatta CBD on fast track for growth

24/10/2014 2:49 am

parramattaParramatta Council CEO Greg Dyer said the proposed framework was aimed at encouraging world class development and positioning Parramatta as Australia’s next great city.

“The review is seeking to overhaul Council’s existing CBD planning controls to provide more flexibility on building heights, floor space ratios and expanded permitted uses within the commercial core,” Mr Dyer said.

“While there has been strong demand for new residential development in the CBD, our framework aims to further stimulate new commercial development to boost economic growth and jobs.

“Our aim is to create a compact CBD with tall slender buildings allowing natural sunlight and active streetscapes.”

Key features of the draft City Centre Planning Framework Review, which is a non-statutory document, include:

  • No building height limits (subject to sunlight access controls and aviation restrictions)
  • Higher building densities, with a floor space ratio of 10:1, similar to densities in central Sydney, to facilitate design excellence
  • Allowing some residential development in the commercial core on the condition it is accompanied by commercial development
  • An expanded boundary of the city centre to ensure it is responsive to growth targets and the market.

Mr Dyer said Parramatta was set for significant growth in coming decades, taking advantage of its strategic location at the geographic heart of Sydney and excellent transport links including the planned Western Sydney Light Rail Network.

“Planning is also continuing for our $2 billion Parramatta Square urban renewal project, a mixed use development across three hectares in the heart of our CBD,” he said.

“The University of Western Sydney will build a new 10,000 student campus in the precinct, and we are currently offering stages two, five and six to the market.

“This new city planning framework will allow for significant increases in the number of workers and residents across the City.

Two other major planning documents are also being publicly exhibited: The Draft Parramatta City River Strategy and The Draft Auto Alley Planning Framework.

Parramatta Lord Mayor Cr Scott Lloyd is calling on members of the community and stakeholders including the development industry to comment on the documents.

“Parramatta is a city on the move and there is opportunity with these three proposals to revitalise the area, encouraging growth and development and creating vibrant new public spaces for the community to enjoy,” Cr Lloyd said.

The documents will be on exhibition until 19 November. Feedback will be reviewed and reported to Council and the proposed amendments will be developed and exhibited again in 2015.