Mini-Murdoch’s Redevelopment Plans for Sydney Compound

16/05/2012 1:28 pm




Lachlan and Sarah Murdoch have  yet to spend a night in their grand $26 million compound,  in the exclusive Australian suburb of Bellevue Hill, 5 minutes up the hill from Sydney's famous Bondi Beach, but  they have already upset the neighbours with their $11.6 million renovation plans.

The mini-me media mogul, who is widely tipped to have resumed his position as the favoured heir to take the reigns of the multibillion-dollar News Corp. media empire his father Rupert built is bulldozing and redeveloping parts of his Mansion.

One of the key complaints from their neighbours is the proposal for an around-the-clock security guard to be stationed on the premises, raising resident concerns about guns. The Murdoch family understandably  take their personal security extremely seriously, especially since Rupert Murdoch's infamous cream pie attack in London last year, although we all remember that Mrs Murdoch has her mans back.

The Murdochs' are seeking approval for a major redevelopment of the already impressive  property known as Le Manoir, which they paid $23 million in November 2009. Last year they paid a further $2.63 million buying the property next door, effectively increasing their estate to a huge 53,819 square fee of prime Sydney real estate.



Lachlan and his model wife Sarah have grand plans for the Georgian-style mansion, including a new pool and pool house, attic conversion, private movie theatre, cellar, gymnasium, underground tunnel connecting the house to the new garage and expansive landscaping to guarantee privacy from paparazzi.

However, the neighbours are not  as thrilled about the Murdochs’ plans, with complaints including potential loss of million-dollar views of the famous Sydney Harbour. The City however at this stage is in principle supportive of the proposal.

Lachlan has been closer with his father Rupert in recent months, including joining him on his rent trip to London to face more enquiries into the phone hacking scandal.  There has been an increased call for the 81-year-old's retirement and last week The New Yorker reported that Rupert had been lobbying his son to ''take a significant role in the company''.

The magazine claimed that Rupert, ''offered him (Lachlan) various positions, from running News Corp's Australian arm to taking a job in the United States. Lachlan has refused the offers, telling people that he's happy to stay in his ancestral Australia running his own businesses.''

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