Melbourne To Continue To Approve Skyscrapers

22/03/2013 3:40 am

Victoria's Planning Minister Matthew Guy will continue to approve skyscrapers in the Melbourne CBD. Earlier this week the Minister approved the towering Australia 108 development, which would become the tallest tower in the Southern Hemisphere.

"Melbourne's skyline will continue to dramatically change, compared to other cities... it will certainly consolidate its position as the tallest skyline in Australia," Mr Guy told the AFR.

"I view that with pride, because we are optimising our land use in our central city area. We're not wasting our land... low-squat buildings in the CBD are wasteful"...

The Minister suggested that Melbourne was ripe for more high density development and had the investment interest and population growth to have the most tower-dominant skyline in the country.

"Melbourne's skyline will continue upwards in the next 10 years because I expect most of those projects to be built; a number of them are already moving forward," he said.