List Of Countries Planning To Build World’s Tallest Skyscraper Growing

27/02/2013 8:38 am

The Barclays Skyscraper Index shows that the list of countries planning to build the world's tallest tower is getting bigger.

Pakistan has now joined Dubai, Kuwait, China and Azerbaijan in the crowded race to build the world's tallest tower. The 828m high Burj Khalifa is currently the world's tallest skyscraper.

Emirates 24/7 reported tis month that China’s Broad Group is waiting for government approval to build the 220-storey Sky City in Changsha, 10 meters taller than the 828-metre Burj Khalifa.

However currently it is only Kingdom Holding Company that has commenced work on the 1,000-metre high Kingdom Tower in Riyadh, which is set to overtake Burj Khalifa, currently the tallest tower in the world, by 2017.

Kingdom Tower, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - 1KM


With a total construction area of over 500,000 square meters, the Kingdom Tower will be a mixed-use building, featuring a Four Seasons Hotel, Four Seasons serviced apartments, office space, luxury condominiums and an observatory at higher level than the world's current highest observation deck.


Sky City Changsha, China - 838M


The 838m high Sky City is expected to have residences, offices, schools, seniors living, hospitals, shops, hotels, sports and entertainment centre, 17 helipads and be home to almost 30,000 people.


Azerbaijan Tower, Azerbaijan - 1,050M

Over a KM high Azerbaijan Tower, will be part of Khazar Islands New City, developed by Avesta Concern. The tower will be be surrounded by a number of artificial islands and a Formula One race track. The tower alone is expected to cost $2 billion. The full project is likely to be completed between 2020 and 2025.


Burj Mubarak Al Kabir, Kuwait City, Kuwait - 1KM

The tower will just out do Kingdom Tower at 1,0001 meters and has been designed by London-based architect Eric Kuhne. The $7 billion-plus tower will have 3 interlocked towers that support the overall structure.


Unnamed tower, Pakistan

Pakistani construction tycoon Malik Riaz and Abu Dhabi Group have announced plans to build the world's tallest building. The project is likely to be developed on an island off the coast of Karachi and into the Arabian Sea. The tower is part of a $45 billion investment plan. Limited details have been announced for the tower.