Joe Russo – The New Breed of Developers

13/09/2012 7:07 pm

“Joe Russo owes his success to hard work and careful decision-making.” REBECCA THISTLETON (AFR)


Joe Russo as teenager spent his savings on a flat and taxi licence and drove that taxi for a couple of years until he sold it to buy a child-care centre and a home.

This was the beginnings of the fledgling property development firm Caydon Properties. The young company has grown in a slow Melbourne apartment market.

“Joe Russo is a visionary in the Melbourne property scene with a passion for finding the very best lcoations and creating world class residential living spaces for his customers.” Caydon Properties

At only 41 Russo's company will have developed $700 million in projects, completed and in planning. After a number of $15 million to $55 million projects, Caydon went for it and purchased a Prahran site. The $180 million  Trilogi project is now under way.

Russo believes that if a project's location was good, market cycles do not matter. Russo puts his success down to his careful decision-making and hours of work. Work ethics he inherited from his grandfather and father.

“Looking at the longevity of a project from both a living and investment perspective has been paramount to Caydon's success. We deliver a development that is a stand out today but will also stand the test of time.” Joe Russo

For more info on Joe and Caydon check out Caydon Properties site and follow them on Twitter @Caydon