Introducing My Sites

My Sites is your account with Blockbrief and is used to allow you to view, research and keep up to do with all the fantastic data from Blockbrief. My Sites has 4 key features:

1. Dashboard (Home)

The Dashboard is the home base for your account. Once you login you will be taken to the dashboard. From the dashboard you will be able to access all the other features of the Blockbrief membership.

Blockbrief uses the dashboard to notify you of:

  • Recent additions to the database.
  • How to guides.
  • News.
  • What's Hot, including promotions and deals.

To access the dashboard you will need to login,, with your Blockbrief credentials and you will automatically be taken to the dashboard.

2. Tabs

The Tabs that run along the My Sites navigation bar are your access points to all the great databases and services on Blockbrief. The tabs include:

  • Home (use to get back to the dashboard)
  • Zoning Alerts
  • Sites
  • Zoning Guide
  • Request More Info (use to request full csv files of the data you find in Zoning Alerts and Sites. Also order your LGA Review)
  • Order Report

Simply click on the tab of the database which you wish to view.


3. Zoning Search Bar

Within the My Sites account is the Zoning Search bar.  Users can utilise Zoning Search by simply entering in a street address they wish to search in the search bar and clicking go!

*Note: Zoning Search bar only allows searches the zoning map database. To search for zoning changes and development sites you will need to click the correct tab on the My Sites navigation bar.


4. Reports

If you scroll down the page in your My Sites account, under the dashboard, you will be able to access any reports you have ordered. Reports available to users include:

Custom Reports: Can be viewed under Property Report.

Locality Reports: Can be viewed under Locality Report.

Zoning Reports: Can be viewed under Zoning Reports.

Free Reports: Can be viewed under Free Reports.

Users can all so view their saved sites from the search on Find A Site under Favourite Sites.