Infographic: How Will A New Planning System Affect Development?

15/07/2012 2:36 pm



Over the weekend the NSW Government released its Green Paper on overhauling the entire NSW Planning system. Early next year the Government intends to present the new legislation to the NSW Parliament.

The Government is proposing transformative changes to the system with a strong shift to a more strategic and streamlined system that facilitates economic growth and upfront community participation. The Green Paper proposes 23 changes centering on community participation, strategic focus, streamlined approvals and provision of infrastructure.

Some key proposed outcomes that will likely affect how developers develop land in the State include:

  • Faster Development times;
  • New zones, including an enterprise zone, urban release area zone and suburban character zone;
  • Right of review for some rezoning proposals; and
  • Reduced complexity.
Click on the Infographic for an expanded view of How Will A New Planning System Affect Development?

How do you think a new planning system will affect development?