Independent Panel To Advise On Overhaul Of SA Planning Laws

18/02/2013 8:40 pm


An independent panel will advise on an overhaul South Australia planning laws. Planning Minister John Rau has argued that a revamp was needed after 20 years because the current planning rules were more about urban sprawl than urban renewal.

"This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity and the panel will be probing. They may offer substantive changes and could even reframe what we mean by planning,"  Mr Rau said.

The panel is to be chaired by Brain Hayes QC.

"I hope that by doing that we can reach a stage where, whatever the recommendations might be in a year's time, the people who've had input into those recommendations - whilst they may not agree to all of them - they would at least be satisfied that they would have been really and thoroughly well-consulted," he said.