How to search for development sites

Blockbrief makes it possible for you to search for valid development opportunities within a municipality. The database contains rezonings, underutilised sites and surplus government land.


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1. Dashboard

After you have logged in to your My Sites account, from the Dashboard click the Sites tab on the My Sites navigation bar.




2. Sites Database

The Sites Database will pop up, with the most recent sites appearing in order of latest to earliest. The page dropdown allows you search through the results. You will use the filter options buttons to narrow your search.



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3. Filter Options

The Sites Database provides 2 types of filters:

  • Filter by location
  • Filter by feature

Within these options you will type in the space provided, the text you wish to filter by. For example in the location section you may type in Geelong and select Council.

You can decide how narrow you want your search to be by selecting the filter description option, including: contains, does not contain, is, is not, starts with, ends with, is blank and is not blank.

The filter by options include:

  • Location: Council, Postcode, Suburb
  • Feature: Current zoning, Zoning Type, Site Type

When it comes to filter by feature stick to broad descriptions for the current zoning field, such as:

  • Current zoning: low, high, residential, industrial, commercial

When it comes to filter by the Zoning Type feature utilise the Blockbrief standard zoning options:

  • Low Density Residential
  • Medium Density Residential
  • High Density Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Real Estate Listing

TIP: For the best result you do not need to type the entire word. For example if you want filter by High Density Residential simply type in High.

When you have the filter you wish to narrow your search by simply click Apply.

To start a new search simply click remove and apply a new filter.



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4. Found A Result

If you have found a result you are interested in from your search, click on the result for more details.

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A popup window will appear with more details about that site, including:

  • Street Number; Address; Suburb; State; Post Code; Local Authority; Land Use; Current Zoning; Zoning Type; Site Area; Description of Change; Lot; Plan; Site type; Adopted; Height; Density; Owner




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5. Request More Information

From the popup window you can request more information about that property and the other results from your search (including csv file copy) by clicking the More Info button.

You can also use this button, or Request More Info tab from the My Site navigation bar, to request an LGA Review, if you can not find any sites in the locality you are interested in.


Note: Blockbrief Premier users get 1 review request per year included. Blockbrief Pro users get 4 review requests per year included. Further LGA reviews are $150.00 per request.



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6. Ignore  The Zoning Search Bar

If you want to search for development sites, ignore the zoning search bar. Use only the page button and filter options to search for development site results. You can use the zoning search bar to further investigate any sites you find in the Sites Database.

The zoning search bar will allow you to search the zoning of any property you find in the Sites Database. However, this is provided in the results of development sites anyway.