Hobart City Council wants more say on where pubs and clubs go throughout the city

13/09/2014 2:52 pm

HobartIn a submission to a review of the Liquor Licensing Act 1990 the Hobart City Council has called for a new process in the way liquor licences are issued.

The Council community development committee chair Bill Harvey said the council was interested in having more input into liquor licenses.

“Currently we seem to be excluded and we would like to have greater input in liquor licensing in our city,” he said yesterday.

“I don’t think we have enough say about where liquor licences are issued.

“We think that if there is a saturation of venues we would like to have a say.

“The more licences in a given area, the more harm there is

“Our overall philosophy is about how we can minimise alcohol related harm.”

Currently the council does not have a say in who can get a liquor licence. The council wants to be involved in the process by ensuring the Liquor and Gaming Board discuss licences with police and the council.

The requests from council are in response to a Liquor and Gaming proposals paper that has made a a number of suggested changes to the Liquor Licensing Act 1990.

Councils submission has requested that the board "re-examine the way that out-of-hours permits are issued and in doing so, develop a process that involves consultation with Police and councils that examines associated issues and potential harms with the issuing of out-of-hours permits’’

  • The council want a range of issues to be taken into account before granting a permit including:
  • The financial, nuisance and other impacts on owners and occupiers of properties in the vicinity of such premises or well-used ``after closing’’ pedestrian routes;
  • The financial impacts on councils from damage, vandalism or clean-ups;
  • The potential health and safety risks to patrons and public transport employees; and
  • The potential impacts on the health system through alcohol-related presentations to hospital emergency facilities