Hillarys Mixed Use Rezoning to Yield 704 Dwellings and 2,448 Jobs

30/09/2016 3:25 pm

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The Whiteford City Shopping Centre rezoning amends the Town Planning Scheme by zoning and rezoning 13 lots that constitute the Whitford Activity Centre to Centre and removing the residential density code of R20 from the lots. The rezoning of the activity centre to Centre provides the statutory basis for the implementation of the Whitford Activity Centre Structure Plan. The structure plan will allow the Whitford City Shopping Centre to grow to approximately to a maximum shop retail floor space of 75,000sqm.


Core Logic identifies the current median sale price to be $833,000 in Hillarys, NSW.  Consequently, 704 new dwellings can add over $586M of housing stock to the property market.  However, as mentioned earlier, an increase in housing stock can affect the area's property value.

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